5 Ways to Add Year-Round Color to Your Commercial Landscape

Do you want to add color to your commercial landscape? And we aren’t just talking about spring blooms but a full-on year-round color that will make your landscape stand out from the rest. Having a colorful garden in searing summers and drab winters can be quite difficult, however, if you manage to get it right – then your kaleidoscopic property is bound to attract visitors throughout the year.

So, what exactly do you need to do to make sure that your property is bursting with colors throughout the seasons? Have a look at the tips below:

Vary your plants

Flowers are the obvious choice to add color to your commercial landscape, and we are lucky enough in the Central Valley to have a huge array of choices. You need to create a plant and blooming chart to keep up with which plants will flower when, and also map out the area in which they are planted.

Spring is the season of bloom, with most plants, trees, and shrubs producing their best shows for this time of year, so it is quite easy to find the perfect plants. Summer is perhaps the hardest gardening season here, due to the heat, but hardy plants such as roses, buddleja, and oleander are all reliable summer blooms. Begonias, chrysanthemums, and salvias are great examples of flowering autumn blooms, and annual or seasonal flowers offer the best color in winters such as pansies, snapdragons, or cyclamen.

Shrubs and trees

Shrubs and trees offer a great alternative source of color for your commercial landscape, even though are mistakenly overlooked by many people. Shrubs that are evergreen offer a lush feeling to your garden throughout the year and other shrubs such as camellia offer beautiful winter blooms and shrubs such as hollies and toyon develop colorful bunches of red berries.

Clean cut bush

Flowering trees such as cherry blossoms, crabapples, and pears are great spring bloomers, and trees like dogwood offer up stunning white or pinks blossoms at this time of the year too. Flowers aren’t the only thing to consider and you should also take colorful bark like found on the coral bark maple and the

myrtle, as well as trees with foliage that changes like the Japanese maple. Trees and shrubs are a great addition to keeping your commercial property colorful.

Outdoor lighting

Another great way to ensure year-round colors in your commercial property is to go and install some creative outdoor lighting. Lighting has the ability to make certain elements of your garden stand out. Different hues can be added to enhance the natural lighting at certain times of the year, for example, yellow/orange lights can be used to add warmth to green foliage in winter.

Lights along paths, lawns, and pavement are also particularly effective, and they can also be used on big trees or colorful shrubs to make them stand out from the surrounding vegetation.

Colorful hardscape

You can also use hardscape in your commercial landscape to make your garden more colorful. Build colorful fences that provide contrast to the plants in your garden, this will help them stand out more. Other things to consider are granite boulders, stones, and paving that will enhance the look of the foliage around them and complement the plants when they bloom.

It can be a difficult task keeping your garden looking colorful and full of life throughout the year, and dreary winters are particularly bad. However, these tips will help you turn your commercial landscape into a smorgasbord of delightful colors for the entire year.

If you would like some more expert advice and suggested strategies for the best commercial property landscaping, then download our guide landscape maintenance for commercial property.