Falling Trees and Limbs Cause Costly Property Damage Each Year

Falling trees and limbs cause both injuries and costly property damage each year, especially during winter storms and other harsh weather conditions. Much of this loss can be prevented by addressing unsafe conditions before they turn into tragedies.

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The Tree Service Division of Grover Landscape Services has certified arborists and experienced tree workers to assist you with your tree needs. We are available year-round to provide a free estimate for your tree service needs.

It is always best to schedule tree work ahead of time to spare yourself the tragedy of tree damage and the extra cost associated with an emergency response.

Homeowners, property owners, landlords, property managers and property management companies should be thinking about assessing their trees for hazards before high winds and wet weather create problems. It is imperative to examine your trees, checking for damage or other trouble signs, so you can take corrective action to minimize the chances of property damage during the winter storms. You can do this yourself, or with the help of one of our certified arborists.

Potential problems to watch out for include:

  • Crossing branches that rub or interfere with one another
  • Mushrooms growing from the bark or base of the tree, indicating disease or decay
  • Limbs in contact with power or communication lines
  • Cracks in the trunk or in major limbs
  • Hollow or decaying trees
  • Branches hanging low, over the home and near the roof
  • Trees that lean significantly

If you observe any of these problems, call (209) 638-7711 to have one of our tree experts give you a free estimate to address this problem.

Whenever possible, plan ahead! Surprisingly, many customers wait until they have an emergency situation to call us; even if they have spotted these signs early on. Our estimates are free and scheduled work costs less than a true tree service emergency! Planning ahead can save both money and stress.

Even a regular tree trimming program cannot predict or prevent all tree damage caused by severe weather events such as high winds and rain storms.

If you find yourself with a tree emergency and you need us out promptly, we will work quickly and efficiently to complete the work required. You can reach us on our after-hours emergency hot-line; however, due to the high volume of calls and requests we have each winter, we are unable to provide an estimate for emergency work.

On our website, you can learn more about our tree service, landscape maintenance and renovation departments and discover how we may assist you with your property needs. If you are looking to install or replace trees, flowers or plants on your property, we also have a wholesale nursery that grows beautiful plants and trees suited to this climate. A full list of our nursery inventory is available at any time; just give us a call or visit our nursery at 2825 Kiernan Avenue, Modesto.

It is our goal to help our customers maintain healthy trees and landscape to provide years of enjoyment for a reasonable cost.

We are also taking appointments for our spring Aphid Spray Program. We will be featuring an article on our website explaining more about aphid problems and how our program may help you.