How Drought Tolerant Plants Can Benefit Your Commercial Landscaping

The ideal landscape designs will incorporate all elements in a way that enables harmony and facilitates maintenance. As California deals with its fifth year of drought, it has become incredibly important to incorporate drought-resistant plants into your commercial landscaping plan.

In Central Valley today especially, drought-tolerant plants can have many benefits to your commercial landscape, and serve as assets to your property as a whole.

So, other than being environmentally friendly and the obvious choice in the current drought conditions, here are some of the ways in which water-wise or drought-resistant plants can benefit your commercial landscape:

Save Money

Believe it or not but using drought-resistant plants can save you quite a bit of cash. Naturally, water-wise plants are going to use less water, and you should see a significant lowering of your water bills. They will also help you reduce and stick to a tight water budget, as well as be less affected by the tight water restrictions during summer. There is also less chance of your plants dying if they are more equipped to handle dry conditions, and this means less money spent on replacing plants if they wilt or die in the heat. Besides, there are also tax implications for those landscapers using drought-resistant and water-wise plants that will certainly help you save money.

Improve Resource Management

Most of the world (hopefully) is now aware of the crippling environmental problems that our planet is currently facing, and one of these is extreme drought and water loss. Drought-resistant plants will help your commercial landscaping have a more effective water conservation strategy that – if implemented by enough people – could have far-reaching effects on the environment. It also enables your garden to look lush and healthy even in the driest time of the year. If you use native water-wise species you are also helping to support local ecology and reinforcing the natural habitat that will be more beneficial for the native wildlife and bird species.

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Reduce Maintenance

By including drought-resistant plants in your commercial landscaping plan, you are also ensuring that you have a lot less maintenance on your plate. Plants that need a lot of water, like grass, require a whole lot more maintenance such as trimming and irrigation, than water-wise plants. Drought-resistant plants typically have an extensive root system, which they use to tap deep into the ground, these roots systems will hold the soil in place and effectively protect the ground from wind and rain erosion. Many native plants have also created natural defenses against many local pests and diseases, meaning that you won’t have to use as much pesticide or controls as you would with an exotic plant.

Enhance Brand Image

Brand awareness is a massive part of running a successful business, and you could actually improve yours by having drought-resistant plants in your commercial landscaping plan. Your clients and potential customers will take note that you are willing to contribute to help conservation efforts and to use as little water as possible. Unique designs involving native, drought-resistant plants often stand out as they aren’t the same traditional lawns that many people expect on a commercial property. Your brand will be synonymous with making an effort to make a difference in the world.

Drought-resistant plants can help support your commercial landscape through times of extreme heat, and the best commercial landscaping service companies will help you choose the correct native plants for your commercial landscaping, that are not just water-wise but also beautiful. For more expert advice on everything to with commercial landscaping, download our eBook Landscape Maintenance Guide for a Commercial Property Owner.