Tree removal by Grover Truck

Remote Controlled Tree Removal

Tree removal by Grover

Check out our new remote-controlled Grapple Crane Saw, designed specifically for tree removals! With this machine, the operator can remove a whole tree while staying safely on the ground! We welcomed this piece of equipment to our fleet in the Fall of 2017 and have been perfecting its use since. At Grover, we are constantly looking for new ways to get the work done safer, faster and less costly to our customers. We enjoy being at the cutting edge of equipment technology and operator training.

The Machine
The grapple crane truck is made by Altec Industries, a leading manufacturer of tree care equipment. The truck consists of a Freightliner chassis with an Effer articulated crane. The 360 degree rotational grapple saw is attached to the crane, which allows the truck to reach limbs 60 feet in the air, safely grab them with the grapple and make the cut with the saw. The limb is then safely lowered to the ground using the boom arm. The arm and grapple are remote controlled which allows the operator to successfully remove a tree without ever leaving the ground!

Employee Safety
Our tree service crews are continually dealing with safety. Think about it: these men are climbing in trees 60 feet above the ground, operating a dangerous chainsaw, while taking care to lower tree limbs safely to the ground! The grapple saw removes the employee from the most hazardous part of the jobsite, allowing the operator to control the work from a safe distance. This machine also reduces the hard work and fatigue that come with climbing and safely removing large trees. Grover is proud of its employees, and the grapple saw is just another way we strive to maintain their health and safety.

Property Safety
During a normal tree removal, tree crews have no choice but to drop limbs into the customers’ manicured yards. Care is taken to lessen the impact by using ropes to slow the fall of the limbs, but there is always some impact to the yard, no matter how much care is taken. When there are buildings underneath a tree removal, workers must also ensure limbs do not hit the roof. Rope lines must be set up to swing the branches away from the roof and safely onto the ground. The grapple saw eliminates the need for complicated rigging systems. Because the tool grabs the limb before it makes the cut, the branch is secured at all times and is lowered to the ground gently, with no impact to the landscape. Our goal is a safe tree removal leaving the rest of the landscape untouched, just as it was before the removal.

While the grapple saw does not necessarily reduce the number of men on the job, it does improve their productivity. The extra setup to climb a tree safely and the rigging for dropping branches is no longer needed. The crane also allows the operator to move the limbs directly into the chipper, increasing efficiency and safety for the groundsmen.

We will continue to search for new methods of working that keep our employees safe, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity. Keeping our communities safe and beautiful is one of our goals.

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