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What to Expect From a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Provider


As a commercial property manager, your time is better spent than to be constantly managing your property's landscape maintenance. At Grover, we provide consistent, quality service, so that your time can be spent with other needs.

We have a multipronged approach to quality control which starts with the foreman who visits your site every week. The foreman communicates daily with their supervisor and department manager through photos, text, and verbal communication, about the problems they are seeing at the properties they visit. These problems can range from pest pressures to increased labor needs due to the seasons. The supervisors and managers also visit your site on a scheduled basis to provide quality control and training to the foreman. The GPS systems installed in our trucks give us the ability to make sure our crews are visiting the scheduled sites. All of these tools and systems allow us to give you the consistent service you desire.


Our employees are trained to do more than blow and mow, but to carefully manage your irrigation systems, plant health, and overall property look. We are fortunate to maintain high employee retention rates which allow us to properly train our crews creating highly competent maintenance foreman. The employees have the added benefit of being trained by and having access to, our five certified arborists with over 150 years of combined experience.

As a member of the leading society in landscape and tree service, you can be assured that Grover employees are kept up to date in leading best practices and certifications.

Our expertise also extends beyond the routine landscape maintenance of your property.

Renovation: As your landscape matures and sprinkler systems age, there is a need to bring the property up to date. Investments towards low water use plants and new drip systems allow for water savings, which decreases the cost of maintaining your property. The landscape designer on staff uses CAD software to update and renovate your landscape, increasing property values and decreasing monthly costs.

Tree Service: Trees are one of the most eye-catching components of any landscaped property, making it important that they are maintained properly. Our certified arborists provide quick, free estimates for routine tree trimming, as well as tree removal. You also have the option to be a part of our Tree Healthcare Program, where we prune and monitor your trees for a fixed monthly price. The Tree Division is also available around the clock for any tree emergencies you may have.

Pest Management: Whether your property needs weed abatement in an empty lot, disease and insect control, or rodent control, our Pest Management division is able to quickly control each of your pest/weed requirements.

All of your landscape’s needs are taken care of by Grover Landscape Services, which reduces the stress and hassle of finding multiple contractors to maintain your property.


In today’s fast-paced environment, we expect and need information fast. There will be concerns that need to be addressed about your property, and it is important that those concerns be dealt with quickly so that you can move to the next task.

For better or for worse, our team is tethered to their phones. You decide whether voice, email, or text works best for you, and we will provide you with a quick response and plan to solve your problem. Time is money, and we want to keep you focused on issues not related to your landscape maintenance.

Contact us for a free grounds maintenance estimate, and let us worry about your property.