Best Trees to Plant for Fall and How to Care for Them

Tips for Planting and Caring for Trees In the Fall

Who doesn’t love all of the wonderful colors leaves on trees turn to during the fall? The best trees for added color and pop for any yard can be planted during the fall, or during any other season as well. Most trees thrive in more than one season and can survive when properly taken care of.

Some species of trees live longer than others depending on the type of environment they’re in and can offer fall foliage and flair to your yard. There are different types of trees that you can plant during the fall that will survive all year long if you take care of them using the tips in this blog.

Top Trees To Plant During Fall

Fall landscaping can be simple with the right help from professionals who plant trees year-round. Here are some trees you can plant that will make your home stand out from the rest!

1. Weeping Willow

The weeping willow tree is one of the most popular choices amongst homeowners. Weeping willows are beautiful trees that can give your home a more classic look with their long branches that reach out far enough for your family to attach a canopy and enjoy a nice fall breeze.

The weeping willow can live through tough weather conditions, like extremely cold temperatures. This tree can be grown just about anywhere you want, and can even tolerate droughts.

2. Bloodgood Japanese Maple

A go-to for fall landscaping for some families is the Japanese maple tree. The Bloodgood Japanese maple is not only a beautiful tree that has the perfect aesthetic for fall, it also can instantly give your yard a unique look and curb appeal.

Japanese maple trees don’t need much sunlight to thrive and grow in just about any amount of sunlight. This tree can also withstand different weather conditions, from very cold temperatures to temperatures on the warmer side.

3. River Birch

The river birch tree is a colorful tree and its most unique feature is its peeling bark that falls off the tree during all seasons. You may recognize this tree around because of its fascinating peeling bark and its popularity. Its dark green leaves turn yellow during the fall, making it the perfect candidate for piles of leaves for your kids to play in!

4. Beech

If you’re looking for a pretty and resourceful tree, a beech tree may be a good fit for your yard. If your yard is big, this tree grows to almost eighty feet tall, providing an adequate amount of shade from the sun with its leaves. The beech tree is resourceful for families who like to connect with nature and get acquainted with the plants in their yard because this tree has edible nuts and peeling bark.

A beech tree changes its colors every season, and its leaves tend to stay intact on its branches, so your yard isn’t filled with leaves if you’re not into that type of thing.

Care Tips for Any Tree

Here are some tips to keep whatever tree you decide to plant healthy and thriving all year long no matter the season.

1. Hydration is Key

In some areas, fall means less rainwater for your trees to have adequate hydration throughout the season. In order to combat this and keep your tree in good shape, water the surface around your tree through 12 inches of soil. This type of watering is referred to as subsurface watering, which is a method for watering trees that don’t have an irrigation system and need relief from droughts.

2. Plant at the Right Time

Fall is one of the best times to plant trees because of its ideal weather conditions, allowing trees to easily adjust to their new environment. By planting your trees at the right time, your tree will have the opportunity to build root mass and prepare for being dormant this winter.

3. Call an Expert Landscaping Company

It may sound like a simple task to plant and water a tree, but to plant and water, a healthy tree can be hard. Our team at (Site:BusinessName) offers tree planting and care services for residential and commercial businesses in Modesto, CA. Give us a call today at (209) 638-7711 to schedule an appointment for your fall tree care needs!