Man sitting on lawn mower mowing lawn.

5 Summer Landscaping Tips

Landscaping has the potential to completely transform the area around you. People enjoy beauty and nature, which is why both public and private landscaping is so common. Not only do people want to make their homes more attractive, but commercial businesses with well-planned landscapes can also be more inviting to potential customers. However, it is essential to keep in mind the seasons when planning home projects.

Summer might seem like the perfect time to begin your landscaping journey. However, there are essential factors to keep in mind.

Here are landscaping tips for summer you can implement:

Mow Lawn Frequently

When mowing the lawn during the summer months, there is a temptation to cut it as short as possible. If the grass is short, then we have to cut it less right? While this might be true, mowing the lawn too short takes away a layer of protection for your property.

The trick to proper lawn maintenance is frequently mowing at least once a week during spring and summer. While cutting, the grass should stand at 2.5 or 3 inches. This length will provide the needed protection from heat and assist with water retention.

Fight Off Pests

During the summertime, pests can ruin your landscaping. If you notice issues occurring, make sure to create a plan of action immediately. If specific bugs are eating the plants, make sure to use a natural organic pesticide. Some plants ward off certain pests — a good example of this is the fact that mosquitoes are repelled by basil!

Another pest that will inevitably enter your garden is weeds. Make sure to check out your landscaping for any weeds regularly. As weeds grow, they steal nutrients and water from the other plants. Removing them once a week can reduce the overall impact!

Schedule Fertilization

Another great summer landscaping tip is doing regular fertilization for your lawn. Fertilization can help maintain the health of your lawn, giving it that rich green lawn that so many desire. Many people end up going with a lawn company or doing it themselves if they have the time. 

Arrange Plants for Optimal Growth

When you get your plants, many of them will start small. However, when planning out your landscaping, you should do so with growth in mind. Your plants won’t always be as small as they were when you got them. Planting them too close to one another severely impacts their growth in the summer. Furthermore, it makes any future maintenance difficult.

When arranging plants, also keep colors and look in mind. You want your landscape to look pleasing to the eye. Maybe you want your favorite color as the centerpiece of your project. Perhaps your organization or business has a specific color scheme — implementing brand colors in landscaping is a great way to get brand recognition in your community.

Research the Type of Summer Landscape you Desire

Researching is an essential step in the landscaping process. Not only will you learn more about plants, but you will also develop new ideas. Perhaps you will stumble upon a photo and want to emulate that exact landscape for your business.

Landscaping is a lot of work, which is another reason why research is essential. You should know the types of plants that do well in your region to ensure success! It would be horrible to plant a beautiful shrub, only to die months later due to improper climate.

Work With Grover Landscape Services

If you are in the Modesto area, make sure to check out our plant nursery. There we have plenty of summertime plants to fit your needs! Our nursery experts would love to help you select the right plants for your yard. Give us a call at (209) 638-7711 with any questions.